Wednesday, 1 May 2019

My favourite techniques.

As my lightning keynote at Star East today, I put in a plea not to forget some of the "old things", even as we embrace new things.

Over my nearly 50 years in the industry, I have seen many new things come along, most of which were supposed to solve "all of our problems". They never do, of course, but often there is something good that comes from them and often that lasts.

But don't forget that the old things are still useful, even if they aren't new. Remember the classic techniques - they still have value.

But rather than talk about this, I have a song, to the tune of "These are a few of my favourite things".

Boundary Analysis, and State Transitions,
Trees of decisions, Equivalence Partitions,
Coverage of statements is not just for freaks,
These are a few of my favourite techniques.
Walkthroughs, Reviews, and Inspections are awesome
They belong in your toolbox and not in a museum
Welcome the feedback as useful critiques
These are a few of my favourite techniques
When the bugs bite, when my build breaks
When I'm feeling sad,
I simply remember my favorite techniques
And then I don't feel so bad.

DevOps and Agile, integration continuous
Manual testing should not be superfluous
Techniques that work well are not antiques
They are a few of my favourite techniques.
If you want your testing to be highest quality
You’d better investigate testing exploratory
Start with a charter and give it some tweaks
Just use these lovely heuristic techniques.
When the users find a defect,
Is it such a crime?
I simply remember my favorite techniques
will help me find more next time.

Issues and Patterns – automated regression
Testware architecture should be an obsession
Test in production and analytics
These are a few of my favourite techniques.
Artificial Intelligence is hot stuff at Star East
Are testing careers becoming deceased?
Not if you listen to test conference geeks,
They’ll recommend we still need these techniques.
When they tell me, it's a feature
And I get depressed
I simply remember my favorite techniques
And oh how I love to test!


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